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The Australian Tourism Industry Group (ATIG) is a not-for-profit, organisation that provides digital marketing services and support to tourism (and tourism-related) businesses, organisations, and Governments across Australia.

Unlocking Australia’s Tourism Potential

Our slogan emphasises the collaborative nature of the Australian Tourism Industry Group’s mission, while also highlighting the key goal of building better tourism businesses.By working together with tourism operators, industry stakeholders and Government, we aim to unlock the full potential of Australia’s tourism businesses and the wider tourism industry, creating a stronger and more vibrant sector that benefits all.

Unlock the VIP Experience

Elevate your Australian tourism business to new heights with our VIP Subscription from $220

Our ATIG VIP subscription is tailored exclusively for busy tourism operators like you! We understand your hectic schedule, so we’ve designed a premium package to elevate your business and give you the flexibility you crave.

Australian Tourism Industry Group ATIG VIP

How ATIG Supports Australian Tourism

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Free Monthly Webinars

Each month ATIG delivers a FREE Webinar specifically focused on the development of Tourism specific business skills.

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VIP Access

ATIG VIP's receive guaranteed access to monthly webinars, 1.5hrs of consulting, access to webinar recordings, access to evolving & growing video library & much more

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Commercial Services

ATIG offers a range of commercial services suitable from consulting services to large scale development projects.

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What Our Clients are Saying

Here is what people say about ATIG

Dog Friendly Hunter Valley

It's been amazing to have the support of ATIG as a small tourism organisation. Being a VIP has given me access to hundreds of hours of Video content, I can rewatch old webinars and I never miss a webinar with my guaranteed tickets. Jason - Sales

The Cove Tasmania

As a VIP member of the Australian Tourism Industry Group, I'm consistently impressed by the team’s unwavering commitment to our industry and their invaluable support in driving our success. The webinars aid my learning, growth, and enhancement of The Cove Tasmania's business. The customer service by the team at ATIC is outstanding Kim Robinson - Managing Director

Hunter Valley Business

As a Tourism focused business, we needed all the support we could get. The monthly webinars have been so much help. We've managed to launch our website, improve SEO and improve our content. Brad - Member Acquisition

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