July 22nd, 2024 | 10am AEST

🌟 Attention, Australian Tourism Businesses! 🌟


Unleash the full potential of your visual identity and leave an indelible mark on travelers! We invite you to an exclusive webinar that will transform your brand’s visual presence and captivate your audience. Get ready for an awe-inspiring session: “Canva Brand Kit Secrets: Elevate Your Visual Identity and Leave a Lasting Impression!”


🎨 Elevate Your Visual Identity: Discover the untapped power of Canva’s Brand Kit specifically tailored for Australian tourism businesses. Learn how to create a visual identity that resonates with travelers, setting your brand apart in a highly competitive market.

🌍 Connect with Global Explorers: Explore the secrets of crafting a memorable brand that leaves an everlasting impression on travelers from around the world. Unlock the creative potential of Canva’s Brand Kit features to inspire wanderlust and ignite the desire to experience your unique destinations.

📐 Consistency is Key: Establish brand guidelines within Canva’s Brand Kit to ensure a consistent visual identity across all touchpoints. Create a cohesive brand experience that exudes professionalism and captures the essence of your tourism offerings.

🎉 Design Like a Pro: Uncover Canva’s hidden design hacks specifically tailored for the Australian tourism industry. Learn how to create stunning templates, eye-catching promotional materials, and captivating visuals that showcase the beauty and allure of your destinations.

📣 Make Your Tourism Business Shine: Discover innovative strategies to make your brand pop! Unleash unconventional and irresistible techniques that will make your tourism business stand out among the crowd, attracting more visitors and creating lifelong memories.

🔥 Ignite Wanderlust with Video: Tap into the power of video marketing and create captivating content that inspires and entices travelers to embark on remarkable journeys. Learn how to leverage Canva’s video capabilities to supercharge your promotional efforts and showcase the magic of your destinations.

✉️ Engage with Email Marketing: Craft compelling email campaigns that resonate with your target audience, inspiring them to explore the wonders of your tourism offerings. Uncover the secrets of effective email marketing strategies that drive engagement, bookings, and long-term customer loyalty.


Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to unlock the secrets of Canva Brand Kit and revolutionize your visual identity. Join us for the “Canva Brand Kit Secrets: Elevate Your Visual Identity and Leave a Lasting Impression!” webinar, specially designed for Australian tourism businesses.


🗓️ Date: 22/07/24

⏰ Time: 10-11am

Limited spots available! Secure your place now and get ready to transform your brand’s visual identity, enchant travelers, and elevate your tourism business to new heights. See you at the webinar, where we’ll unlock the secrets to leaving a lasting impression on your target audience! ✨

ATIG webinars are available to Australian-based, tourism businesses only. Our webinars are designed to help Australian tourism operators optimise their digital marketing and generate a greater return for their digital efforts. If you are keen to hear from an industry expert and get real, first-hand recommendations and advice to advance your business for free – then this webinar is for you!

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